The Lackawaxen is primarily a warm water stream. Except for the the last 10 miles before emptying into the Delaware River at Zane Grey Pool. The Lake Wallenpaupack Brookfield power generating station is just above the Kimbles Road Bridge. Here, water is added to the Lackawaxen during power generation runs cooling the warmer upstream temperature in summer. The colder water comes from the depths of Lake Wallenpaupack making conditions excellent for trout. 

CAUTION: The lower river below Kimbles is a Hydro Power Tailwater. During power runs wading can be VERY DANGEROUS and is not recommended. To get the power generating schedule click here

The Lackawaxen River is stocked by the State of Pennsylvania once pre-season and several times in season. The PA Fish and Boat Commission considers the Lackawaxen to be a 'put and take' stream. A myopic view by the Commission. Brown Trout and Rainbows are all stocked in the Lackawaxen. Brookies also entire the river through it tributaries most notedly Blooming Grove Creek where the BG Club maintains a private hatchery. There are species other than trout in the river. Smallmouth Bass are common. Rock Bass, Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish and Chub are caught regularly. I've even sell Largemouth cruising in a couple of slow moving pools. In the spring shad have been known to come up from the Delaware. I even heard of Stripped Bass.

There’s a lots of bugs during the spring season from mid April to mid June . There are many types of Caddis, Mayflies, Stones and Midges on the Lackawaxen and are smaller than the same bugs on the Beaverkill, West Branch or the Delaware and appear 10 days to 2 weeks earlier.

Matching the hatch can be really hard - just like most trout streams. In the early spring Adams patterns match a lot of the darker bugs. Several patterns of the Shad Fly Caddis should work. Wets, dries nymphs all are required when you aren't seeing a rises. Caddis pupa weighted with shot and Big Stone patterns are essential. 

The weather has been very cruel to the Upper-Delaware region of the past 15 years. Many of the pools have been heavily modified. Let’s hope for more gentle weather and a coolish spring.

To get the best feel for the stream ride up and down the Tow Path to familiarize yourself with pools and parking locations. Look for water that you like. There's a lot of variety to choose from. Pools, riffles, pocket water and more. Get your hands on my FREE map.•• 

The Tow Path (SR 4006) is in contact with the river all the way from Molly's to the Delaware with a short interruption at the Lackawaxen Town buildings. Parking have become limited in the past few years. There is a fair share of POSTED access though. This comes in 2 flavors. The all to familiar welcome to Pennsylvania POSTED stay off my land style of posting. And the posting that allows access for fishing only. Much of the access is unposted. In either case respect the right of the landowners. It is through their generosity that we are allowed access to this beautiful stream.

Wading can be tough. The bottom has a lot of rocks left over from the era of the Delaware & Hudson Canal, the building of the DN&H Rail line and the building of the Hydroelectric dam. Studded wading boots, felt soled boots or Korkers with belted chest waders are essential equipment. A wading staff is very helpful. I recommend a foldable staff attached to your wading belt. Like most streams the easiest wading spots aren't necessarily the most productive.

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